A family business since 250 years

The château of Lacarelle is the one of the oldest castel of Beaujolais. It groups together 138 hectares of vines on the hills of St Etienne des Oullières, St Etienne de la Varenne and Arbuissonas, in the Beaujolais

The ancestors of the Comte Durieu de Lacarelle had owned earths near from the actual production area. In the middle of the 18st century , they created a warehouse in Paris to developpe outgoings for their wines. Vines had been planted in replacement of poor cereals. In 1786, they bought what is today the center of the domain : the Chateau de Lacarelle
Since more than two hundred years, the Durieu de Lacarelle transmit, from father to son, their passion for this domain. There, they produce high quality Wines, with the precious help of ten faithful families.

In 1969, Louis Durieu de Lacarelle, current owner, took the head of the family domain. His passion for wine, combined with its experiences obtained by managing other domains around the world, and with his participation to the works of professional institutes of the branch, allow him to success in what always was the objective of its ancestors:

« Produce young wines of quality, that do not need to mature during years for beeing excellent... and make those wines famous in France and abroad ».

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Château de Lacarelle-BP5
69460 St Etienne des Oullières
Tel: +33 4 74 03 40 80
Fax: +33 4 74 03 50 18

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