Cépage: Exclusively White Juice Black Gamay .

Grape-harvest: The traditional and statutory vinification in entire clusters imply a grape-harvest completely done by hand. Depending on years, the grape-harvest can take place at the end of August (as in 2000), or at the beginning of October . In the Château de Lacarelle, we want « to begin as late as possible and finish as soon as possible », . The length of the harvest do not surpass 10 to 12 days. what necessitates heavy means, for example to lodge the "vendangeurs" (people that participate to the harvest). For the entire domain, the number of "vendangeurs" varies between 300 and 400.

Vinification: The domain group five wineries with 130 "wine-making" vats of 75hl and corresponding "conservation" vats , made from cement or stainless steel. The entire clusters are deposited in the "wine-making" vats where the natural carbon maceration facilitate the extraction of colors and polyphenols. Then, the grapes are beeing pressed before the end of the fermentation. The temperature is brought to 25°, during the first fermentation (alcoolic fermentation). The second fermentation (malo-lactique) release naturally as early as the alcoolic fermentation end.

Production: the entire harvest represents in normal year a little more than 1 000 000 Bottles of 75 cl. - 50% of the production is returned to the farmers. Half of the wine is sold as Beaujolais Nouveau. l'année de la mise et l'année suivante.

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